How to Set Up Static IP Address for PS4 If you are a PS4 user, NAT Type 2 is your end goal. NAT Type works by connecting your console through a router and forwards packets. With this NAT Type, your PS4 will support multiplayer games, videos, and chats, even though you may not be able […]

How to Set a Static IP Address on Your Xbox One If you are gaming using Xbox One, you have probably experienced difficulties joining multiplayer matches, chatting, and holding video calls using the Moderate or Strict NAT Type. The good news is that you can improve your gaming experience by configuring your network to get […]

How to Port Forward on a PlayStation 5 Port forwarding your PlayStation 5 improves your connectivity and speed for a fantastic gaming experience. PS5 NAT Types If you have tried everything to improve your download speed and stabilize your PS5 connection but you have failed, you should look at your NAT settings. The PS5 uses […]