Grim Dawn Port Forwarding: Everything You Need To Know To Set It Up

Most routers feature a basic firewall that blocks unauthorized and malicious connections trying to access your network and devices. However, to effectively run gaming apps and other applications, you need to open some ports on your firewall through port forwarding. Port forwarding also stabilizes and improves your internet speed, enabling you to stand out as an online gamer. When playing Grim Dawn, you will focus on forwarding port 27016. We give you a step by step guide on how to set up Grim Dawn port forwarding on your own.

Things You’ll Need Beforehand

To successfully port forward Grim Dawn, you need the following information beforehand:

  • Your router’s IP address. The IP address is a 4-part digit; for example,
  • Your PC or gaming console IP address. This address is similar to the router’s IP address, with a difference in the address’s 4th part.
  • Your router’s admin username and password.

Finding Out Your Router’s IP Address

Finding your router’s IP address is straightforward with the following simple steps:

  • Enter the Command Prompt on your windows search bar
  • On the Command Prompt window, type “ipconfig”
  • Your router’s IP address will appear next to the Default Gateway.

How To Port Forward Grim Dawn

Most routers feature a web interface. This implies that to log in and access the router pages, you need a web browser such as Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. To port forward Grim Dawn, follow the steps below:

On your choice browser, find the address bar and replace the address with your router’s IP address. Add ‘http://” to your router’s IP address when pasting it on the address bar, then press Enter.

On the login window, enter your router’s default credentials if you have not changed them before. The default credentials are usually Username: admin and Password: password.

Navigate your router’s homepage and find the Port Forwarding section.

On the port forwarding section, create a port forward entry by filling in the details below:

  • Enter the port number as 27016 for Grim Dawn
  • Select the port protocol. In this case, we are forwarding both TCP and UDP protocols.
  • Enter the address to which you are forwarding the ports. This will be the IP address of the PC you are using to run Grim Dawn.
  • Save the above settings to make the new port forwarding rules effective.

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