How To Easily Set Up Red Dead Redemption II Port Forwarding

Red Dead Redemption II is an action, adventure open-world shooter, developed and published by Rockstar Games in 2018. The game has achieved legendary status due to its compelling storyline, the vastness of the playable universe, and, most importantly, its unprecedented attention to detail. Red Dead Redemption II is considered a hallmark in gaming history, paving the way for videogames to become a modern art form. For a game that offers so much, learn how Red Dead Redemption II Port Forwarding can further enhance your experience below:

Get Started With Red Dead Redemption II Port Forwarding

In layman’s terms, Red Dead Redemption II port forwarding is a way for you to create a direct connection between yourself and any other player you’d like to play online. All routers, specifically TP-Link and Netgear ones, don’t know where to direct traffic and thus “screen” incoming packets but then don’t know what to do with it next, so you are required to make some changes directly on the router level to direct traffic to your gaming device. By using Red Dead Redemption II port forwarding, you’re ensuring the traffic is directed to the computer or device playing the game for the best user experience possible, giving yourself a much smoother gameplay experience, better ping time, and faster data flow.

Things You’ll Need Beforehand

There are three things you’ll need before you can get started with Red Dead Redemption II port forwarding. These are:

  • Your router’s IP Address (Read the section below to learn how to find that out).
  • Your PC/gaming console’s IP Address (Read our Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Port Forwarding guides to learn how to find this out).
  • The TCP and UDP ports you’ll need to forward (Scroll down to the very bottom of this blog to find these listed).

Find Out Your Router’s IP Address

  • This is a fairly simple process and shouldn’t take long if you follow the instructions below:
  • On the Windows search bar, type “Command Prompt”.
  • Once the Command Prompt window is open, type in “ipconfig/all”.
  • You’ll find your router’s IP Address next to Default Gateway.

How to Port Forward Red Dead Redemption 2 

Red Dead Redemption 2 port forwarding comprises the steps below:

  • Log in to your router. Routers feature a web interface. Thus, to log in and access the setup page for configurations such as port forwarding, you will need a web browser. This could be Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome. On your chosen browser, proceed with the steps below to log in:
    • Enter your router’s IP address on the address bar and press Enter. A window will open prompting you to log in with your details.
    • Enter your router’s default credentials or updated details to log in. If you have forgotten your updated details, you will need to hard reset your router. However, a hard reset should be the last resort as you will restore your router to default, losing all the settings.
  • Find the Port Forwarding section of your router. Depending on your router model, you will find this section under Virtual Server or Apps and Gaming. Select the Port Triggering or Port Forwarding tab to open.
  • On the open page, click the Service tab and enter a name. The name will serve as a reminder why you created this entry.
  • Key in the IP address of your device in the respective box
  • On the Protocol dropdown, select your desired protocol. If your router supports the Both protocol, you will only create one port forward entry. Otherwise, create two if your router supports TCP/UDP protocols.
  • Enter Red Dead Redemption 2 UDP and TCP ports in the appropriate fields, paying attention to the single ports and those occurring in a range. These boxes will have different names depending on the router model.
  • Restart your router to allow the above changes to take effect.

Ports to Forward for Red Dead Redemption 2

The following is the list of ports of Red Dead Redemption 2 that you will forward for different gaming devices:

Red Dead Redemption 2 – PlayStation 4

TCP:465, 1935, 10070-10080, 3478-3480, 983, 30211-30217
UDP:3074, 6672, 3478-3479, 61455-61458

Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One

TCP:30211-30217, 3074
UDP:500, 3074, 4500, 3544, 3047, 6672, 88, 61455-61458

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC

UDP:61455-61458, 6672

Red Dead Redemption 2 Steam

TCP:27036-27037, 27015-27030, 30211-30217
UDP:6672, 27036, 27000-27031, 4380, 61455-61458
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