Easiest Way To Setup Comcast Port Forwarding In A Few Minutes

The Comcast router has a firewall that blocks incoming and outgoing connections to protect your home network from malicious traffic. However, to effectively run some games and applications, you need to unblock some of these connections through Comcast port forwarding

Port forwarding on Comcast is attainable using either the Xfinity app or the xFi website. Whichever method you choose, you need to have the port number and IP address beforehand. Port numbers identify the type of traffic sent, and the IP address aids in communication between the network devices.

Port Forwarding Using the Xfinity App

This method of Comcast port forwarding is ideal for Xfinity users. You simply need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the Xfinity website or sign in to the Xfinity app with your credentials.
  • Click the Connect tab.
  • Under the Wi-Fi name, click on See Network.
  • Under More Options, click on the Advanced Settings.
  • Select Port Forwarding on the menu, then click Add Port Forward.
  • From the connected devices dropdown list, select the device you are setting up for the port forward.
  • From the Common applications list, select an option for preset configurations. Alternatively, select Manual Set up to input the port numbers and protocols manually.
  • Click Apply Changes,

Port Forwarding Using the Admin Tool

For Comcast business port forwarding, use the advanced user Gateway’s Admin tool ( and proceed as follows:

  • Connect to with a device connected to your network.
  • Log in with the default credentials (Username: admin and Password: password), after which you can change them.
  • On the left pane, select the Advanced menu and click Port Forwarding.
  • Click Enable.
  • In the Port Forwarding box, click +ADD SERVICE to open the Add service page.
  • From the Common Service dropdown, select a service, either HTTP, PPTP, AIM, or FTP. This action will pop the start and end ports. For any other service besides the listed ones, click Other and input the service name manually.
  • Select the Protocol or Service Type that is TCP/UDP.
  • To select devices on your network, click Connected Device. If this tab fails to appear on the page, follow the sub-steps below;
  • Open a new browser window and log in with your credentials, then go to Connected      Devices
  • Under the Online Device’s Host Nname, click the on the device name that you want to add
  • Copy the IP address and paste it to your previous browser window
  • Click Save after finishing Comcast router port forwarding to apply the changes.

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