Here’s How To Set Up FiveM Port Forwarding In A Matter of Minutes

Routers feature a firewall that provides security to your home network by blocking unauthorized incoming requests and malicious traffic from your network. However, this feature can be limiting if you are a gamer. Thus, to play effectively, you will need to open specific ports in your router. This is called port forwarding, and it allows other gamers to access your FiveM server, taking your gaming experience to another level. Another benefit of port forwarding is that it stabilizes and improves your network speed, preventing disconnections during gaming. 

Things You’ll Need Beforehand

To port forward FiveM, you need the following details:

  • Your router’s IP address
  • The IP address of the device that the server will run on
  • The TCP and UDP ports that you will forward

Finding Out Your Router’s IP Address

Finding your router’s IP address is a straightforward process comprising the steps below:

  • On your Windows search bar, enter a Command Prompt (you can also hit Start > Run > cmd)
  • Type ‘ipconfig/all’ on the Command Prompt window
  • Your router’s address will appear next to the Default Gateway.

How to Set Up FiveM Port Forwarding

  • Log in to your router. Since most routers feature a web interface, you will need a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to log in and access your router pages. On the browser of your choice, find the address bar, and replace the address with your router’s IP address. This action will open a window prompting you to enter your login credentials. Use your default router credentials to log in if you have not changed them in the past.
  • Find the port forwarding section of your router. To find this section, click the Advanced tab then the Port Forwarding Configure link depending on the router you are using.
  • Create the port forwarding entry. To do that, make sure you enable the port forwarding option, and then click the Add Service option. Enter a name in the Service Name to remind you of the reason for this forward. 
  • Enter the IP address of your PC or gaming console in the appropriate box
  • Select the protocol from the Protocol dropdown and enter the TCP and UDP ports for the game in the Internal Start Port and Internal End Port boxes.
  • Reboot your router for the changes to take effect safely

Ports To Forward

To port forward FiveM on your PC, you will open the following ports:

  • Protocol TCP: 30120
  • Protocol UDP: 30120

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