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Port Forwarding – What is It?

Port forwarding is a technique that enables external devices to access other devices on other networks. This is done by creating a tunnel between the external port and the internal port and IP address. You’ll need to configure your home routers to enable port forwarding as most home routers use NAT, isolating the home network from the rest of the Internet.


Guides on Port Forwarding

Port forwarding for Gaming

If your gaming rig, PlayStation, or Xbox won’t connect to a game server, you’ll need to set up port forwarding to ensure a smoother gaming experience unless it is a network error. Read More

Port forwarding for Software

You might need better ping for some software and apps to run properly, such as Steam. Port forwarding improves your download speeds and elevates your online experience as a result. Read More

Port forwarding for Routers

A router hides your computer’s connection to the Internet, making it safer but creating connection issues for other apps unless you forward the port to ensure proper IP address, port number, and protocol. Read More



Port Forwarding Use-Cases


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