Everything You Need To Know About TP-Link Port Forwarding

You’ll need to forward ports to allow external traffic access specific devices on your network. In simple terms, port forwarding makes data transmission easier. While being completely safe, you can set it up for gaming on your PC, PlayStation 4, as well as your Xbox One, smartphone, laptop, or any device, for that matter. TP-Link is one of the most popular routers available on the market. This TP-Link port forwarding guide aims to answer your questions and give you an idea of what to expect.

Your TP-Link router protects your network by screening all incoming network requests unless you create an exception. Port forwarding is the process of making that exception.

TP-Link Routers To Forward

Our guide for TP-Link port forwarding supports the following routers:

  •         TP-Link Archer C7
  •         TP-Link Archer C9
  •         TP-Link AC1750
  •         TP-Link AC1200

How To Port Forward with TP-Link Routers

Port forwarding TP-Link routers require that you set your IP address using the following steps:

  •         Log in to your TP-Link Router. Do this by entering your router’s IP Address in the address bar.
  •         Click on Advanced in the upper-right corner.
  •         Scroll down and click on NAT.
  •         Now go ahead and click on Virtual Server.
  •         You’ll see an entire list, with Start Port and End Port.
  •         Enter the lowest and highest port numbers here.
  •         Now enter your gaming console’s IP Address in the IP Address box.
  •         Save and reboot your router for these changes to take effect.

Ports To Forward

Read a list of our port forwarding guides for games to find a list of TCP and UDP ports listed for you to use for each game.


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