Naraka: Bladepoint Port Forwarding

Are you a gamer who is looking for an immersive, in-depth gaming experience? Naraka: Bladepoint offers the player a variety of game modes and settings to explore. With different game types like a first-person shooter, stealth, and open world exploration there’s something for everyone. One of the most exciting features is that it has full online multiplayer capability!

Getting Started With Naraka: Bladepoint Port Forwarding

To access the internet, you need a router. By default, all routers disallow incoming traffic to devices behind it, akin to a firewall. However, games like Naraka: Bladepoint will play better if you open some ports on your router that point to the gaming console. Port forwarding Naraka: Bladepoint is a useful gaming trick that lets you connect with other players online with minimum lags and disconnections. Through port forwarding, you will also host Naraka: Bladepoint, perform video calls and easily chat with other players online. Despite being a useful gaming trick, very few players know how to perform this configuration. However, if you are among the users who don’t have this knowledge, read on as we take you through the port forwarding process.

Things You’ll Need Beforehand

To successfully port forward Naraka: Bladepoint, you will need the following details:

  • The IP address of your router;
  • The IP address of your gaming console could be your PlayStation, PC, or Xbox One.;
  • A list of the TCP and UDP ports of Naraka: Bladepoint that you need to forward.

Finding your Router IP Address

To access your router’s setup page for port forwarding and other configurations, you should know its IP address. An IP address is a special number separated by dots that identifies devices within a network. Generally, an ideal home network router’s IP address will start with 192.168 and will comprise a series of four numbers.

To find out your router’s IP address, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Windows Start icon, and on the Search bar, type Command Prompt
  • On the open Command Prompt, type ipconfig/all
  • You will see your router’s IP address next to the Default Gateway

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How to Port Forward Naraka: Bladepoint

To port forward Naraka: Bladepoint, use the following steps:

  • Log in to your router. Routers feature a web interface. This means that to log in to your router and access the setup page, you will need a web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. On your chosen browser, proceed with the steps below to log in:
    • Enter your router’s IP address in the appropriate box and press Enter. This action will open a window prompting you to log in with your credentials.
    • Enter your default credentials to log in. If you had changed your credentials in the past, then use the updated details to log in and press Enter.
  • On your router’s Settings menu, find the Port Forwarding section. Depending on your router, you can find this section under the Apps and Gaming or Virtual Server.
  • Click the Port Forwarding tab to open it.
  • Enter your router’s IP address in the appropriate box.
  • Enter a name in the Description box. This name will not affect the configuration but serves as a reminder of why you created this entry.
  • Enter your gaming console’s IP address in the appropriate box
  • Select the protocol in the Protocol dropdown. A router can support two protocols: Both and TCP and UDP protocols, depending on its model. If your router supports Both protocol, you will need to create one entry. Otherwise, you will create one if your router has Both protocols.
  • Enter the TCP and UDP ports of Naraka: Bladepoint in the appropriate boxes. If you are forwarding one port, you will enter it in both the left and right Global Port Range. However, if you are forwarding a series of ports, you will enter the lowest number in the left Range box and the highest number in the right Range box.
  • Reboot your router to effect the changes.
  • Test your ports to check whether they opened successfully.

Ports to Forward for Naraka: Bladepoint

The following comprises a list of ports that you will forward for Naraka: Bladepoint:

Naraka: Bladepoint – Steam

TCP:27015-27030, 27036-27037
UDP:4380, 27000-27031, 27036

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