Final Fantasy XIV Port Forwarding Done in the Simplest Way

Final Fantasy XIV is a square Enix’s action, MMO, adventure, open-world, and role-playing game released in 2010. Before learning how Final Fantasy XIV port forwarding can improve your gaming experience, it’s important to know what the game has to offer. The game employs the following styles of play:

  • Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO): It has many players playing simultaneously. The focus is on character development, grouping, and loot collection.
  • Role-Playing Game (RPG): The player unfolds the storyline by taking on the main character’s role. These games are long and focus on the leveling system and inventory management.
  • Action game: The player is at the center of an evolving situation.
  • Adventure game: Allows the player to revolve through a story inspired by either movies or books.
  • Open world style game: In this mode, the player is not limited to boundaries, but can instead roam through a wider environment according to their preference to pursue a solution to the problems.

Getting Started With Final Fantasy XIV Port Forwarding

When gaming in Final Fantasy XIV, you may want to make your gaming device accessible to others. Port forwarding FFXIV improves your network speed and stability, making gaming more fun.

Things You’ll Need Beforehand

The following information is necessary before port forwarding FFXIV;

  • Your router’s IP address
  • Your PC or console IP address
  • The TCP and UDP ports you will forward

Finding Out Your Router’s IP Address

The following is a straightforward way to finding your router’s IP Address:

  • Type in “Command Prompt” on the Windows search bar.
  • On the open Command Prompt window type in “ipconfig /all”.
  • Your router’s IP address will appear next to the line denoted Default Gateway.

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How to Forward Ports

 FFXIV port forwarding is possible manually with the following simple steps:

  • Log in to your router
  • Find the port forwarding section on your router
  • Input the IP address of your port forwarding PC
  • Input the TCP and UDP ports for the FFXIV game
  • Reboot your router to effect the changes
  • Lastly, test your ports to check whether they opened successfully.
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Ports to Forward

You need the following ports for Final Fantasy XIV:

Final Fantasy XIV Online – PC

UDP:3478-3479, 3074

Final Fantasy XIV Online – Steam


Final Fantasy XIV Online – Playstation 4


Final Fantasy XIV Online – Playstation 3


Final Fantasy XIV Online – Playstation 5

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